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Can Forest, Pasture, Spring and Winter..etc places be rented for 30 years in Turkey?

Administrations; In the request petitions or face-to-face interviews they receive, they find that in some applications made by individuals and/or companies, they apply to forest areas or places that belong to the common use of the public such as pasture, pastureland, winter quarters. First of all, it should be said that; Long-term servitude and usage permit lease requests made on lands that are forests and registered as forest in the title deed are rejected by the National Real Estate directorates and units. The reason is; all kinds of saving and management duties of forests are carried out by the Forestry Directorates and Forestry Operation Chiefs affiliated to the General Directorate of Forestry. In the 3rd paragraph of the 17th article of the Forest Law, on the forest areas; It has been regulated that permits will be granted for the construction of defense, transportation, energy, communication, water, waste water, petroleum, natural gas, infrastructure and solid waste disposal facilities, sanatorium, dam, pond and cemetery, health, education and sports facilities belonging to the State. requests are denied.

Other places that individuals and companies want to rent for 30 years; They make rental requests on pastures, summer pastures and winter quarters etc. These places cannot be rented in any way as pastures, summer pastures and winter quarters. In order for these places, which are registered as pastures, summer pastures and winter quarters, to be rented for 30 years; The priority administrative action to be taken is to change the qualifications of these places and to register in the title deed on behalf of the Treasury. After the registration process on behalf of the Treasury is completed, rental requests will be evaluated by the relevant national real estate directorates and units, and if deemed appropriate, rentals can be made.

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