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Can I Use The Land I Have Been Renting For 30 Years In Turkey Immediately?

One of the most frequently asked questions and requests made by the investors is: Can I start using the land delivered to us immediately after winning the tender as a result of the easement or occupancy permit tender, by signing a contract with the administration? There are questions and requests. The lands that have been leased for 30 years through the right of easement or usage permit are generally the lands that are leased for investments with projects. Investors on these lands; Organized agriculture and animal husbandry, aquaculture, education, health, defense, energy investments, etc. rents these lands in order to make project investments. Therefore, for the projects they want to do to be approved by the relevant public administrations and for the lands they will invest; Allotment, amalgamation, abandonment, making a zoning plan, changing the zoning plan, preparing and approving the implementation projects.. etc. operations should be done with priority. Therefore, until the mentioned works are completed, the investor cannot use the land for which he has long-term rental right. The leasing administration gives the investor a preliminary permit for a period of 1 year in return for 20 percent of the tender price for the investor to carry out the transactions specified in the text, and this period can be extended if requested by the investor. To summarize briefly, the investor cannot directly use the land for which he has obtained the long-term lease right without completing the necessary works, and may face some sanctions if he uses it.

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